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VIDEO: Shabazz Napier Drains 3-Pointer To Beat Villanova In Overtime

Monday night's game between two hard-on-their luck Big East squads produced one of the better finishes of the season. The Connecticut Huskies entered the game as losers of seven of their previous nine games. The Villanova Wildcats are muddling their way through a 11-16 season. They played one another extremely tight at The Pavilion, however, leading to a finish that have you to see.

Check out the video after the jump:

(Via Ballin' Is A Habit).

The two teams were tied at halftime and at the end of regulation, and were on their way to a second overtime before Shabazz Napier took a loooooong 3-point attempt for the win. The shot kept UConn's dimming NCAA Tournament hopes alive for the time being. As for Nova, they continue to suffer through what could be their worst season in 14 years.

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