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Jim Calhoun's Medical Leave Of Absence From Connecticut Huskies Will Extend At Least Three More Games, Announces School

The indefinite medical leave of absence taken by Connecticut Huskies basketball coach Jim Calhoun will last at least three more games, the school's assistant director of athletic communications Paul Chardis announced on Twitter Wednesday.

Calhoun announced his leave of absence on Feb. 3 due to spinal stenosis, the same spinal cord condition that required Boston Celtics forward Marquis Daniels to undergo corrective surgery last season before returning to the court this year. Five days later Calhoun told ESPN's Andy Katz that the condition would not force him to retire.

Basketball is obviously a secondary concern in this scenario, but UConn has lost two of three games since Calhoun left the team and six out of seven overall. The Huskies will play home games this week against DePaul and Marquette, then hit the road for a bout with Villanova. If Calhoun does in fact miss at least three games, the earliest he could return is Feb. 25 against No. 2 Syracuse.

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