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UConn 2013 NCAA Tournament Ban: Waiver Request Denied, Huskies Will Apeal Decision

The University of Connecticut's proposal for a waiver request that would have allowed the men's basketball team to participate in the 2013 NCAA Tournament has been denied, but the Huskies are expected to appeal the decision, according to a report from CBS Sports' Jeff Goodman.

Goodman reports that the NCAA nixed UConn's request for a waiver. The Huskies proposed a series of self-imposed punishments that would have taken the place of the NCAA Tournament ban -- the proposed penalties included shortening the team's regular seasons schedule, forfeiting all revenue from the tournament, and limiting the amount of time UConn's coaching staff could spend with recruits.

The Huskies are currently barred from the 2013 NCAA Tournament due to a history of sub-standard academic achievement. UConn will appeal the decision to the NCAA Division I Committee on Academic Performance Subcommittee on Appeals.

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