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UConn Vs. Louisville: Huskies Down 14-10 At Halftime

The Cardinals took an early 14-0 lead after Adrian Bushell returned the opening kick for a touchdown and Daniel Brown rushed for another touchdown, but UConn has answered with a touchdown and field goal of their own. They outscored the Cardinals 10-0 in the second quarter and go into halftime down only four. A Louisville interception with less than two minutes remaining gave the Huskies a short field, which they capitalized on by scoring a touchdown with 53 seconds remaining.

The total yards tally is 165 for the Huskies and 105 for the Cardinals. 

UConn quarterback, Johnny McEntee has completed six of 14 passes for for 106 yards. Running back Lyle McCombs has carried the ball eight times for 34 yards. Both teams have accumulated 20 penalties yards and Louisville has committed the game's only turnover.

The second half of the game can be seen on Gameplan. The Huskies will receive the ball to start the third quarter.

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