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Video: Jeremy Lamb Dunks On Columbia Lions During UConn Huskies Opener

Eagles fly. Lambs soar.

Jeremy Lamb started his sophomore season the same way he ended his freshman campaign - by reminding everyone of his precocious talent. Lamb scored 30 points in UConn's season-opening victory against Columbia, which UConn won 70-57. Lamb drained 5 of 8 threes, sunk 11 of 17 shots, and added four steals in case his offense wasn't enough. 

But UConn's win was not perfect. Far from it, actually. Allow me to turn things over to Jim Calhoun for the color commentary.

"I'm looking to the game when Jeremy's shot doesn't go and Shabazz has four fouls," Calhoun said. "Then what happens? ... Everyone is telling them we have a good front court. Really?"    

"We were just awful," Calhoun said. "There's no other word to describe it. ... Once we get boxed out, we stay boxed out. I told them we should cancel weight training the rest of the year because it's not doing us any good." 

Want to cheer up, Jim? Just go watch Jeremy Lamb's dunk, on loop, for hours.