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UConn Women's Basketball Ties UCLA Men With 88th Straight Win

The Connecticut Lady Huskies rolled through No. 8 Ohio State Sunday afternoon, 81-50. The win by itself is not all that impressive, until you consider that it was UConn's 88th straight win, tying the college basketball record for consecutive wins, originally set by John Wooden's UCLA men's teams in the early 70s. 

Although the Huskies have not lost since the 2008 Final Four, head coach Geno Auriemma did his best to stay level-headed

"The number's the number. I don't know if that changes me a whole lot right now. I'm going to go to a good restaurant tonight. I'm going to have a good bottle of wine. I would have done that either way."

"To get to where they've gotten as a program is pretty remarkable," Auriemma said. "If we were fortunate enough to win Tuesday night, that just means that we would have done something in women's basketball that is pretty special."

UConn will try to break the record with their 89th straight win on Tuesday, when they host No. 15 Florida State. The Huskies play at No. 3 Stanford, the last team to hand them a loss, on Dec. 30.

So what's Sunday's win mean?

Before the tip, our appropriately named UConn blog, The UConn Blog, tried to put it in perspective. 

Ask just about anyone and you'll get a different opinion about how we should mark this streak. Whether or not the streaks should be compared is something I'll leave to pundits to debate. All I'll say is this: 88 is a special number in college basketball and no matter how the UConn's streak stacks up against UCLA in your mind, it is a mammoth achievement, one, that I personally didn't think was possibly after seeing a previous UConn win steak snapped at 70.