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NBA standings 2012: Celtics six games behind Knicks

After 28 games, the Boston Celtics are in third place in the Atlantic Division, and trail the New York Knicks by six games.

Harry How

After 28 games, the Boston Celtics sit at 14-14 -- not exactly the type of start to the 2012-13 season that Doc Rivers or Celtics fans imagined.

Headed into Saturday's games, the Celtics find themselves in third place in the Atlantic Division. The New York Knicks lead the division with a 21-9 record, while the Brooklyn Nets, who recently fired head coach Avery Johnson, are in second place with a 15-14 record.

Boston leads the Philadelphia 76ers by one full game -- but two in the loss column. The Toronto Raptors (10-20) are in last place.

If the regular season ended on Friday night, the Celtics would be the No. 8 seed int he Eastern Conference, and would take on the Miami Heat in the first round of the playoffs.

Luckily for Paul Pierce and the C's, the season didn't end on Friday, and the Celtics still have plenty of time to better position themselves in the Eastern Conference:

Eastern Standings

Miami Heat 27 20-7 .741
New York Knicks 30 21-9 .700
Atlanta Hawks 27 18-9 .667
Indiana Pacers 29 17-12 .586
Milwaukee Bucks 27 15-12 .556
Chicago Bulls 27 15-12 .556
Brooklyn Nets 29 15-14 .517
Boston Celtics 28 14-14 .500
Philadelphia 76ers 30 14-16 .467
Orlando Magic 29 12-17 .414
Toronto Raptors 30 10-20 .333
Detroit Pistons 32 10-22 .313
Charlotte Bobcats 29 7-22 .241
Cleveland Cavaliers 31 7-24 .226
Washington Wizards 27 4-23 .148