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Rajon Rondo ties John Stockton's double-digit assist mark

The Celtics have long had a tradition of excellence, and it's being upheld by Rajon Rondo.


Rajon Rondo has long proven he's one of the best point guards in the NBA along with the likes of Chris Paul and Deron Williams.

Now, Rondo's claim to the top spot might be an even easier argument after he tied John Stockton's double-digit assist mark in consecutive games during the Boston Celtics' 116-110 overtime win over the Orlando Magic this weekend.

Rondo's streak is at 37 games, putting him only behind Magic Johnson, who had a stretch of 46 such games. For the ex-Kentucky Wildcat to reach the record, he would need to continue all the way through Dec. 17 against the Chicago Bulls on the road.

Before he gets to that contest, Rondo will have to go through few elite teams with the only exception being the San Antonio Spurs. Rondo will have a test on Wednesday night against Williams and the Brooklyn Nets, who rank No. 2 defensively.