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NBA power rankings 2012: Boston Celtics unanimously placed in top 10

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A cumulative look at where the Boston Celtics rank in this week's power polls. Do you agree with the rankings?


The Boston Celtics were unanimously picked as the No. 10 overall team in the NBA, according to power ranking polls by SB Nation,, and

Currently sitting in fourth place in the log-jammed Atlantic Division, Boston shares an identical 8-6 record with the Philadelphia 76ers and trails the Brooklyn Nets (9-4) and New York Knicks (9-4) by 1.5 games. Currently in the midst of a two-game winning streak, the team opened last week with a loss against the San Antonio Spurs (12-3), before defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder (11-4) and Orlando Magic (5-8).

At SB Nation, curator Seth Rosenthal moved the Celtics up one spot from last week's ranking. Rosenthal is uncertain about the quality of the team and believes that the victory over the Thunder makes it even more difficult to gauge them:

I don't know, I guess we're just supposed to wait until Boston's defense blooms. The fact that they beat the Thunder this week just makes things more confusing. If I may, a solution to keep everyone happy while we figure out who/what the Celtics are this year: Get Jason Collins some second-unit minutes and instruct him to behave exactly like Kevin Garnett does, right down to the barking and fist-pounding.

The team also moved up one position in's poll, but remained stagnant in both and's rankings.