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2012 NBA power rankings: Celtics still strong despite shaky start

The Boston Celtics are only 6-5 with some questionable losses on their early schedule, but they're still near the top third of the NBA according to most power rankings with many citing their proven success despite rough starts in years past.


The Boston Celtics have had a shaky start to their season, but considering the way they began last year and where they ended up at the end of it, there's not much concern about the team by those making power rankings, who tend to have Boston around the No. 10 spot.

The Celtics sit at 6-5 and are coming off a 20-point loss to the Detroit Pistons, who entered the game with only one win on the season. That's good for fourth in a crowded Atlantic Division. But power rankings tend to give respect to a team that has a habit of looking disinterested at the start of seasons and coming in strong at the end of it, as Seth Rosenthal explained while putting the C's at No. 11 in his Week 4 SB Nation NBA Power Rankings:

Last year's season certainly gives that line of thinking some credence: Boston started out 5-9, fought back to .500, but was as bad as 15-17 with last year's strike-shortened campaign over halfway done. They ended up winning the division and coming within a game of making the NBA Finals. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett have almost earned the right to slack through November and December with hopes of being ready and able come April and May, and Rajon Rondo's play has been nothing short of stellar as he continues to add to a streak of 34 double-digit assist games.

Also putting Boston at No. 11 was Sam Amico of Fox Sports, while John Schuhmann of an Marc Stein of ESPN both put them at No. 10.