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2012 NBA power rankings: Celtics remain shaky

The Celtics are hovering near the top 10 in NBA power rankings, but all the ranking experts agree that things look shaky in Boston.

Jonathan Daniel

The Boston Celtics have not played up to their potential yet this season, but they still sit near the top 10 in NBA power rankings from around the web. Despite a 4-3 record and solid placement in the polls, there is a lot of concern over the start of the season in Boston.

In Seth Rosenthal's power rankings at SB Nation, Boston comes in at No. 9. Rosenthal notes that Boston is letting opponents shoot too well, but is still getting wins while playing poorly.

Elsewhere, the Celtics are ranked slightly lower. At ESPN, Marc Stein has the Celtics at No. 11, John Schuhmann of has Boston at No. 10 in his power rankings, and Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk ranks the Celtics 10th as well. Matt Moore of CBS Sports rounds out the rankings with the C's at No. 15. Oddly enough the CBS ranking was the only one to come out after the Celtics defeated the Chicago Bulls on Monday night in what was their best win of the season.

Overall Boston has an average power ranking of 11.