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Paul Pierce wants to remain with Celtics beyond playing career

Paul Pierce stated recently that he'd love to stay with the Celtics after his playing career is over, joining the organization as a coach or in management.

Jim Rogash - Getty Images

Paul Pierce has firmly established his status as a Celtics legend on the court, and he's now stated that he wants to remain with the organization beyond his playings days. Pierce admitted there were moments of doubt this offseason, when it was unclear whether the Celtics would take another shot at a title run with the current core or opt to rebuild. A rebuilding situation was not something Pierce wanted to be a part of so late in his career, and he indicated that he thought about the prospect of playing somewhere else.

Now that the team is ready for another chase at a championship, the 14-year veteran says he can't envision himself anywhere but Boston. This extends beyond his time on the court, saying he'd be interesting in helping the organization in some aspect once he's retired, via

"I was telling somebody the other day I'm pretty much institutionalized [in Boston]," Pierce said. "If I went somewhere else I couldn't see it. Hopefully I can be here a lot longer than even my playing days. Just to help along with coaching and management, I've really given some thought to that, giving back to what the game has given to me. And I hope I can continue to do that in Boston."

Having legendary players stay with the organization once their playing career is over is certainly something the Celtics have done in the past, so one would imagine the interest would be mutual there.

Pierce will begin his 15th year in the league, all with the Celtics, when Boston faces the Heat on October 30.