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Buster Olney Talks Potential Red Sox Managers, Including Mike Scioscia

ESPN's Buster Olney went on WEEI on Wednesday to discuss the recent blockbuster trade between the Dodgers and Red Sox, but the conversation inexorably turned to Boston's managerial situation. Olney was on the Mut and Merloni show and speculated that the Sox could make another run at former pitching coach John Farrell, possibly dangling Daniel Bard in a trade for the Toronto manager.

Olney also addressed the potential of Brad Ausmus and Angels skipper Mike Scioscia taking a position in the Sox dugout, should Bobby Valentine be relieved of his command. Olney thinks the Angels could make a change and Scioscia would certainly be an intriguing name:

Via Jerry Spar of

"I think that's a great name to consider," Olney said of Scioscia. "There's no question that the culture within that [Angels] organization has changed in the last couple of years. ... From his perspective, he probably is committed to the Angels into the future. But there's so much change going on within that organization. ... If they don't make the playoffs after all the money they spent, and the fact that they're getting a Cy Young year out of Jered Weaver and they're getting an MVP year out of Mike Trout, I do think there's a chance that they may make a change."

In addition to Sciosia, Olney also discussed the long-shot possibility of the retired Tony La Russa managing at Fenway.

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