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Andrew Miller Not Happy With ESPN's Orel Hershiser

The Boston Red Sox are in the middle of a very tough season, full of ups-and-downs. Currently, the team is riding the momentum of a series win at Yankee Stadium and has perhaps the brightest outlook it's had in weeks. However, that doesn't mean everyone is feeling peachy.

Red Sox reliever Andrew Miller isn't happy, due to some comments made by ESPN's Orel Hershiser during the telecast of Sunday Night Baseball last night, according to

In the eighth inning of the series finale, Miller surrendered a double before being removed from the game. Afterwards, he was seen chuckling in the dugout on camera, prompting criticism from Hershiser. The ex-Cy Young award winner stated that Miller's action were representative of the Boston's poor team chemistry.

Miller has rebutted by saying he was just laughing at a joke by Kelly Shoppach.

"That's what good teammates do," Miller said, according to the Providence Journal.

"They're trying to keep it light and loose, Miller continued. "It's out of my control from that point on. To me, that's kind of odd, something that [Hershiser] would point out right there. To me, that's kind of the opposite of what you want. I appreciate guys being there for me."

With the Red Sox still very much in the hunt for a playoff berth, Miller will be a key part of the success or failure in the future. He's been terrific this year, sporting a 2.81 ERA.

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