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Ben Cherington: Sox Not Going To Be Sellers At Deadline

The Boston Red Sox are mired in last place in the American League East, but the bigger problem is that outrage is rapidly turning to apathy among fans of the ball club. Tickets to Fenway Park, once a big time commodity, can now be had for less than 15 bucks on the secondary market, a trend that endangers the hallowed hollow sell-out streak.

With the trade deadline approaching, General Manager Ben Cherington went on WEEI to tell fans that the team is not going to give up on this year.


"When we look at where we are in the standings, I guess particularly the teams that are right ahead of us in the wild card chase, we don't believe that any of those teams are better than us, or necessarily more talented than us. So in that sense we're not of the mindset of giving in on anything."

Well, obviously he's not going to say "we suck, we're packing it in", but his entire conversation comes across as pandering to a fanbase that is rapidly reaching "we don't care" status. The club is wildly unlikable, the effort on most nights has ranged from minimal to non-existant, and to be blunt, they just aren't that good.

Essentially, the entire interview can be translated into "please don't stop buying tickets!"