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Curt Schilling Says He's 'Tapped Out' Financially After 38 Studios Collapse, Lost $50 Million Of His Own Money

Curt Schilling made his first public comments since his video gaming company, 38 Studios, laid off its entire staff and filed for bankruptcy in an interview with The Dennis & Callahan Morning Show on the WEEI Sports Radio Network on Friday morning.


"I'm tapped out [financially]," said Schilling, who admitted that he invested and lost $50 million of his own personal finances that he built up during a twenty year Major League Baseball career.


"I absolutely bear [a lot of the responsibility] for the company failing," Schilling said, who said on multiple occasions during the interview that he was not without blame for the collapse of 38 Studios.


Schilling's company, which originally resided in Massachusetts, moved to Rhode Island after receiving a $75 million loan from the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation in 2010. In May of 2012, 38 Studios was unable to meet payroll, and on May 24, the company laid off its entire staff and proceeded to file for bankruptcy, ceasing operations.