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David Ortiz Says He's Sick Of Drama, Wants People To Leave Red Sox Alone

David Ortiz has had enough of your drama, thank you very much. Ortiz, the only remaining member of the Word Series winning Boston Red Sox team back in 2004, sounded off before Thursday night's series finale against the Miami Marlins, telling reporters that he was sick of the drama surrounding the Red Sox and wants people to leave him and the team alone.

Well, maybe if your team played better, David, the drama would go away and it would be fun to play here again. It's as simple as that. Winning changes things. Before the '04 victory, people were more easily satisfied by hanging around the playoff race and making just a little noise in the postseason. After winning two World Series championships, people expect more. Especially with this payroll. Win, and it'll be fun. That's just life, David. Get used to it.

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