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Red Sox Vs. Marlins Live Blog: Inning By Inning Updates For Game 1

The Red Sox are set to face off against the Miami Marlins in the first of a three-game set Tuesday night.

We'll keep you up-to-date on all the action as it goes down in Fenway Park.

Red Sox 7, Marlins 5, Final -- 1-2-3 go the Marlins with a pair of strikeouts, and the Sox are 34-33.

Red Sox 7, Marlins 5, End 8th -- Daniel Nava picks up a two-out double to give the Sox a runner in scoring position and keep his hot streak going around all the time off, but Cody Ross couldn't bring him in, grounding out to end the threat.

Red Sox 7, Marlins 5, Mid 8th -- Vicente Padilla works around a ground ball single to retire the side in the eighth. The Sox need just three outs to get back above .500.

Red Sox 7, Marlins 5, End 7th -- Two pop-ups and a strikeout end the inning in a hurry for Ryan Webb.

Red Sox 7, Marlins 5, Mid 7th -- The Sox manage to avoid giving up a run despite an error committed by Ryan Kalish on the first at bat of the inning that costs the Red Sox three bases, as he allows a long fly ball to inexplicably bounce off his glove in center field. Albers manages to battle back for a strikeout of Hanley Ramirez, however, and while he gives up a line drive, it goes right to Daniel Nava in short left, keeping Reyes pinned. Albers turns the ball over to Andrew Miller, who gets the fly ball for the out.

Red Sox 7, Marlins 5, End 6th -- A pair of doubles from the corner infielders earn the Sox another run, as Kevin Youkilis goes to deep right for his two-bagger and Will Middlebrooks stretches a line drive single into two, just barely beating a relay throw (more like a toss, really) to second as Youkilis scored the seventh Boston run.

Red Sox 6, Marlins 5, Mid 6th -- Buchholz works around a 1-out double to keep the 6-5 lead intact, grabbing a couple of ground balls to escape the inning. Given the proximity of Logan Morrison, that might be it for him tonight.

Red Sox 6, Marlins 5, End 5th -- And the Sox are right back on top. After a leadoff double from Mike Aviles, the Sox elected to have Dustin Pedroia bunt, sending the shortstop to third from which he was able to score easily on a long fly ball from Adrian Gonzalez that looked likely to go for extra bases before Stanton managed to make a good running grab.

Red Sox 5, Marlins 5, Mid 5th -- Logan Morrison just will not give Clay Buchholz a break. Sadly, this was a situation that could have been avoided entirely with a little bit of luck. Already with two outs, Clay Buchholz managed to break Hanley Ramirez' bat, but had the resulting blooper drop into the outfield for a base hit. A ground ball from Giancarlo Stanton quickly made it two straight hits for the Marlins without much behind them, bringing who else to the plate but Logan Morrison. Already the author of all three Marlins runs, Morrison made it a perfect five by taking a high fastball and doubling off the Monster. While it looked like a catch could have been made, Ryan Kalish' inexperience with the wall may have shown through, as he pulled up to play the carom rather than backing up to the wall.

Red Sox 5, Marlins 3, End 4th -- Cody Ross' return is officially a successful one. An 0-1 fastball was outside to Ross, but the newly-healthy outfielder went out and got it, pulling a high fly ball up and into the first couple rows of Monster seats to make it 5-3.

The Sox would be gifted another baserunner when Ryan Kalish' pop fly had a number of fielders closing on it but still managed to bounce off of Omar Infante's glove, but Kelly Shoppach grounded into a double play to mitigate the mistake.

Red Sox 4, Marlins 3, Mid 4th -- One inning off, one inning on for Clay Buchholz, who retires the side on just eight pitches in the fourth, getting another strikeout--this time of Gaby Sanchez--with a curveball to end the frame.

Red Sox 4, Marlins 3, End 3rd -- David Ortiz does manage his second hit of the night, a low line drive past a diving Hanley Ramirez, but is stranded at first as Kevin Youkilis flies out to right to end the frame.

Red Sox 4, Marlins 3, Mid 3rd -- Logan Morrison continues to kill the Sox. After a walk and a hit batter put two men on with two out, Buchholz gives up a wall-ball double to Logan Morrison which brings a third run home for the Marlins, all three of which have been driven in by Morrison.

After giving up just five total runs over his last four starts, Clay has now given up three for the first time since May 21st. Before that, he had allowed more than three in all but one of his starts.

Red Sox 4, Marlins 2, End 2nd -- The Marlins didn't manage to keep pace in their second inning, but the Sox did. Will Middlebrooks got the inning started with a ground ball to the left of Jose Reyes. While the shortstop was able to get to the ball on the outfield grass, it took him too far away for the throw to beat Middlebrooks to the bad, giving the Sox a leadoff baserunner. They almost didn't cash in, As Cody Ross flew out and Ryan Kalish struck out, but Kelly Shoppach came through once again against a lefty, launching the third two-run shot of the game--and the second for the Sox--well over the Monster.

Red Sox 2, Marlins 2, Mid 2nd -- A much easier second inning for Clay Buchholz does feature a couple of close calls, but neither of his own creation. A leadoff ground ball to Mike Aviles ends up in a close play at the plate for Omar Infante, but the ball gets there in time for the out, and after a fly ball out for Scott Cousins, Gaby Sanchez nearly gets lucky as Will Middlebrooks can't make a clean pick on a ground ball to third. Luckily the ball bounces straight in the air, where Middlebrooks calmly grabs it and fires a bullet to first for the out.

Red Sox 2, Marlins 2, End 1st -- Clay Buchholz is off to a bad start, but so far the Sox have his back at the plate. With one out, Dustin Pedroia showed more signs of life after a good game on Sunday, hitting a double off the wall in left field. While Adrian Gonzalez could do nothing more than move him along to third with a weak ground ball, David Ortiz was up to the task of putting Boston on the board. Like Buchholz before him, Mark Buehrle fell behind Ortiz 3-1, looking as though he'd like nothing more than to roll the ball into the plate. On the fifth pitch, Ortiz showed why, clobbering a rocket shot into the right field stands to even the game at 2-2.

Marlins 2, Red Sox 0, Mid 1st -- Well that's not the start you want to see for Clay Buchholz, who has been so good over the past few weeks. After Ryan Kalish saved him from leadoff trouble by making a tremendous sliding grab on a sinking liner, Buchholz had his next pitch grounded up the middle by Hanley Ramirez for a single. While he would get rid of Giancarlo Stanton with a nasty, sharp breaking curveball that ended up low-and-away, he was not so successful against Logan Morrison. Falling behind 3-1, Clay was forced to offer up a fastball middle-middle. The result : a two-run shot to right-center that leaves Buchholz with as many runs as he's allowed in any of his previous four starts.