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ANIMATED: Bobby Valentine Displeased With 6th Inning Error

The Boston Red Sox ultimately beat the Chicago Cubs on Sunday night to take the three-game series at Wrigley Field. Things were still dicey in the sixth inning, however. Darwin Barney advanced to first base to lead off the inning thanks to a Kevin Youkilis throwing error. Matt Albers then gave up an infield single to put two men on base for the Cubs.

Two batters later, Dustin Pedroia got in Mike Aviles' way trying to field a ball at second base, causing Bobby Valentine to blow a gasket. Check out the play, and Valentine after the jump.

NSFW if you're a lip reader.

This play:


Caused this reaction:


Barney scored on the play to tie the game at 3-3. Thankfully, the Red Sox responded with a three-run seventh inning to take the lead for good.

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