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Kevin Youkilis Trade Rumors: 'Not An Easy Situation,' Says Boston Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine

Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine had a recent conversation with Kevin Youkilis and admitted to WEEI that the swirling trade rumors surrounding Youkilis are difficult for the third baseman to handle.

"Kevin and I basically talked about that yesterday and it's not an easy situation," Valentine said. "It is part of the baseball world. Every team every year basically every month of the season have some designated person where trade rumors swirl around and I feel for Kevin to have to be distracted by them. I feel for him to have to answer questions that no one is able to answer. Whether he's affected by them when he goes out on the field I really couldn't tell you, but I can tell you that his effort and his preparation and his desire is there every second of the day."

In Youkilis, David Ortiz, Will Middlebrooks and Adrian Gonzalez, the Red Sox essentially have four valuable players available at the three positions of first base, third base and designated hitter.

"If you have three spots for four players to fit into there's going to be somebody who's not going to play," Valentine said. "That's a pretty simple fact of the matter. The other guys have been great about it. I've talked to them and they totally understand what the situation is. Youk was in the other day and we talked about third base and first base and how you're going to keep the rhythm. He as well as Adrian, as well as David, and of course Will have all taken the company line and said hey.s whatever's best for the team. It's a tough juggling act, there's no doubt about that."

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