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Larry Lucchino: 'Silly' For Boston Red Sox Fans To Overreact To Three Games

You may be overreacting to the 0-3 start of the Boston Red Sox, but management isn't Larry Lucchino, the President and CEO of the Red Sox, said that it is senseless to overreact after the first three games of the new season.

"The goal is not to overreact prematurely. Bard is going to get his start [Tuesday], I'm sure, and we'll see how it goes. It's going to take a few weeks we didn't have at the end of spring training to adjust to [Andrew] Bailey's departure. It's going to take a few weeks into the regular season," said Lucchino. "I know it's a tough schedule, but you do [have time]. The sooner the better, but three games is too soon, it's just silly to overreact to three games, tough as they were to lose." (via WEEI)

Boston will try to right the ship in Toronto on Monday.

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