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Boston Red Sox Flaws Exposed During Opening Day Loss To Detroit Tigers

Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy likes the Boston Red Sox's offense and their first three starters. But in his opinion, the team didn't do enough this offseason to address glaring issues.

"They're capable. But I just don't like the way the offseason went. They didn't do enough in my view. A lot of people got better. One of them's [the Detroit Tigers]. I think there's a little bit of concern if they got worse and everybody else got better," Shaugnessy said on CSNNE's Sports Tonight.

One decision that could come back to haunt the Red Sox is their choice not to re-sign Jonathan Papelbon this summer. The Sox acquired Andrew Bailey, but he underwent thumb surgery during spring training and could take months to recover.

"They never made [Papelbon] an offer. We know they just gave up, they said, 'We got our six years out of this guy. We're not going to overpay, especially the third and fourth year of the contract,'" said Shaughnessy. "I understand that, but if they hadn't misspent the money on [John] Lackey and [Carl] Crawford, maybe they would have had some money for Papelbon. They were right about Pedro [Martinez] when they didn't give him four years. They were wrong about [Johnny] Damon. You better hope Papelbon's not closer to Damon when it comes to the third and fourth year of that contract."

For more from Shaughnessy on Boston's flaws, click here or watch the video below: