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Bobby Valentine, Mike Aviles Deny Spring Training Rift

Boston Red Sox shortstop Mike Aviles and manager Bobby Valentine denied having a rift form between them during the first week of Spring Training. The New York Daily News reported that Valentine was overly critical of Aviles during infield drills, causing a "very ugly" scene to take place. Red Sox players reportedly confronted Valentine and asked the manager to apologize. Aviles and Valentine vehemently deny the allegations, however.

"I don't even know where he got that," Aviles said. "In all honesty, I don't know where that source came out. That's news to me. I don't remember having a run-in with Bobby at all. You guys know more than I do, because I don't know anything about it."

Valentine seemed just as surprised by the news, giving an even more sarcastic response.

"I just heard about it," Valentine said. "It goes from the sublime to ridiculous, doesn't it, around here? Or around there?"

He added, "Those New York writers. But if we're going to do full-disclosure, which we better do that, the team party that I threw, I spilled a Coke on one of the players' wives. And I apologized."

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