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Fenway Park 100th Anniversary: Fans Remain Optimistic Despite Slow Start

BOSTON - You wouldn't be able to tell that the Boston Red Sox were off to a 4-8 start by walking around Fenway Park just a few hours prior to first pitch on Friday.

No, today isn't about this year's struggles. It's about the storied history of the Red Sox, and more importantly, the 100th birthday of America's Most Beloved Ballpark, Fenway.

Brushing aside the poor start, Red Sox fans are pouring onto Yawkey Way and Lansdowne Street as they prepare to celebrate the centennial birthday of the magical ballpark.

Sure, the team's record so far isn't ideal, but some Red Sox fans are remaining optimistic.

"Its been disappointing so far, with their slow start, but who knows what's going to happen," said Jim Curran of Quincy, MA. "It's a great day here in Boston, good weather, you've got the celebration going on. I decided to come in and take my chances at getting a ticket."

Topping things off, the Red Sox will face the rival New York Yankees at 3:05 p.m. EST -- the same team they faced one hundred years ago at the same time in the inaugural game at Fenway. Could it be any better than that?

"It's perfect," said Curran. "I mean, who better to play than the Yankees, our biggest rival."

The Sox have a handful of special events planned for Friday's birthday bash, including two performances from the Boston Pops, a flyover and an attempt to break a world record.

I will be reporting live from Fenway Park throughout today's game. Check back for updates and follow me @GethinCoolbaugh on Twitter.

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