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Terry Francona Now Plans To Attend Fenway Park's 100th Anniversary Celebration

Former Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona has put his personal feelings for the organization aside and now plans to attend the Red Sox's 100th anniversary celebration of Fenway Park on Friday afternoon.

Francona earlier said he intended to skip the event, but told ESPN on Wednesday that he believes he owes it to fans to make an appearance.

The former Red Sox skipper, who won the organization's first two World Series titles since 1918, was not retained following last season. A report in the Boston Globe shortly after he left painted him in a less-than-flattering light, and Francona felt the organization had taken parting shots at him.

"I'm sure they'll have a great event and I was part of a lot of that stuff there, but I just can't go back there and start hugging people and stuff without feeling a little bit hypocritical," Francona told the Globe last week.

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