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Jacoby Ellsbury Injury Update: Red Sox Center Fielder Doesn't Require Immediate Surgery

In a disastrous start to the season for the Boston Red Sox (sound familiar?), some good news has come down.

Jacoby Ellsbury, who suffered a subluxation of his right shoulder, will not require immediate surgery to fix the injury, according to Instead, time and rehabilitation will be in order for now.

Manager Bobby Valentine is cautiously optimistic.

"He had some hand manipulation for range of motion. They're trying to take it slowly to get it better. I don't know that there is anything on the horizon other than normal treatment and see how he does day by day," Valentine said.

While it's still a big blow to have Ellsbury on the shelf for any extended period of time, it could have been far worse. Many have put his timetable to return at six weeks.

In the meantime, Boston fans have to be hoping that this team can pull together after the 18-3 shelling it took last night at the hands of the defending American League champion Texas Rangers.

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