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VIDEO: Red Sox Minor Leaguer Pete Ruiz's Impersonation Of Tim Kurkjian

During last week's ESPN coverage of the Toronto Blue Jays' spring training, Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia sat down with former Red Sox manager Terry Francona to discuss the team outlook. In the segment, the catcher impersonated ESPN baseball insider Tim Kurkjian, who has a notorious squeaky voice. While his impersonation was decent, it was nothing compared to the latest Kurkjian impersonation.

Red Sox minor leaguer Pete Ruiz was caught on video tape at the Red Sox minor league camp in Fort Myers doing his best Kurkjian impersonation. I challenge you to close your eyes, and just listen. This beats Arencibia's stab at Kurkjian by a mile. Ruiz, or hall we say Kurkjian, goes on and on about Red Sox minor league pitcher Anthony Ranaudo.

Apparently Ranaudo led the minor leagues last season in batting average against on games played before Tuesday at 7:00 p.m, on turf. You learn something new every day. Take a listen to both Kurkjian impersonations, and decide which one is better, after the jump.

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