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Jon Lester: 'We've Got To Earn The Trust Back'

Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester took a major big step towards regaining form, as he pitched two shutout innings in the Red Sox' 25-0 win over the Northeastern Huskies in game one of the Saturday collegiate double header.

Even though we are just in Spring Training, all of the talk has been about whether or not the Red Sox will be able to rebound and make the playoffs following their epic September collapse, which saw them lose a nine game lead to the Tampa Bay Rays in the AL Wild Card. Lester was a part of a whole other drama, as he was front and center in the Chicken n' Bear scandal during September. For Lester, it's all abound building the trust back with the fans during Spring Training

"I think a little bit, yeah," said Lester when asked about if the Sox feel they have something to prove coming off of 2011. "I think like Josh [Beckett] said we've got to earn the trust back from the fans and show them that we are here busting our butt everyday. That being said, right now, i think it's about getting our work done. We'll worry about the other stuff when April rolls around and it matters." (WEEI)

Heading into Spring Training 2012, the players have experienced a different feel about it all. With new players and restructured leadership, veteran guys like Lester are taking it all in stride.

"A little more high-paced, a little more intensity I think in our drills than year's past and I don't think that's a bad thing about years' past spring trainings," the lefty said when asked about how the spring was going. "I think that's just the way -- our two manager have different personalities. [Bobby Valentine's] more high-paced, running from field to field and [Terry Francona's] more laid-back. I think there's a time and place for both. But I think it's been good and we got a lot done in two weeks. I think guys are ready to get thing going and start playing more games and getting more at-bats and innings." (WEEI)

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