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Functional Fenway Park: What Has Fenway Hosted Over The Years?

While Fenway Park was cementing itself as the storied home of the Boston Red Sox, the nearly 100 year old park served many additional purposes over the years.

The April 2012 issue of Boston Magazine looks at some of those other early uses, which include 19 soccer matches (with a possible 20th being held this summer with Liverpool AC), a baseball Beanpot, presidential campaign rallies and a fair share of jazz music festivals. When Fenway was built in 1912, it was one of the only venues of its capacity in the region, making it a useful venue to host any gathering expected to have an attendance in the thousands.

But for quite a few years, Fenway became baseball exclusive. Says Boston Magazine:

"It all started in 1968 with the collapse of Boston’s North American Soccer League franchise, which played its games at the park. Three years after the soccer goal posts were removed came the opening of Schaefer Stadium in Foxboro and the continued expansion of Boston College’s Alumni Stadium, developments that essentially eliminated the need for Fenway to serve as a multipurpose venue."

While the current ownership of Tom Werner, John Henry and Larry Lucchino have eased non-baseball events back into the park (such as concerts and the NHL Winter Classic), no professional team has taken up residence in the park like the Boston (now New England) Patriots and the North American Soccer League's Boston Beacons did in the 1960s.