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Red Sox Spring Training 2012: Late Surge Leaves Sox Tied With Yankees

The Red Sox are winless for a fourth straight night, but at least this time they didn't lose, as a late offensive surge kept the Sox alive to secure a tie against their top rivals.

For once, the Sox were not sunk by the starting effort. With Aaron Cook taking the mound, Boston finally received some decent starting pitching, as the ground ball specialist managed to go four innings allowing just two runs in the process.

Said runs would come quickly in the fourth, with Curtis Granderson tripling in Brett Gardner and then being singled in by Andruw Jones before an out was recorded. But with Cook picking off Jones at first and then inducing a fly ball and ground ball out, he managed to avoid any further damage in finishing his outing.

The Yankees would quickly strike again in the fifth inning, however, taking advantage of three hits off of Ross Ohlendorf to double their lead to 4-0.

The Sox, meanwhile, received almost nothing from their starting lineup early on, with hits coming only from David Ortiz and Ryan Sweeney. And while the relief effort from Dellin Betances was not quite as solid, with three walks forthcoming, he would avoid hits to escape unharmed as well.

Then came the eighth, and the Sox' big comeback. Doubles from Jason Repko and Pedro Ciriaco off of Cory Wade. Nate Spears would break the power surge with just a single, but Lars Anderson would start it up again with a double of his own to make it 3-4.

The Sox wouldn't tie it up just yet, but the ninth inning proved the final push they needed. With a single from Ryan Sweeney and a double from Mike Aviles, the Sox had men on second and third with just one out. A rare sacrifice bunt would tie it up, but unfortunately Pedro Ciriaco could not push the final run across, leaving them stuck in a tie with the Yankees when the game came to a close.