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Red Sox Farm System Ranking Moves Up To Ninth

The Boston Red Sox farm system is now ranked ninth by Baseball America. Last year the Red Sox farm system was ranked 17th (via WEEI).

The farm systems of MLB clubs are ranked using prospect-eligible players which are limited to 130 at-bats for position players, 50 innings of work for starters and 30 relief appearances for relievers.

The publication cited the Sox' potential high-impact position players such as third baseman Will Middlebrooks, shortstop Xander Bogaerts and catcher Blake Swihart in that assessment, though it also noted that the new Collective Bargaining Agreement -- which will attempt to restrict draft spending -- will impact the Sox more than any other club, given that the Sox' $44.1 million investment in draft picks (including many signings that went well beyond the slot recommendations) were the most of any large-revenue club.

As far as Red Sox prospects who could make an immediate impact in the bigs go, Baseball America listed Jose Iglesias (shortstop), Ryan Lavarnway (catcher) and Alex Wilson (pitcher).

The Rangers had the top-rated farm system while the White Sox were dead last. The Yankees were 13th.

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