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Red Sox Spring Training 2012: Bobby Valentine Is Concerned About Daniel Bard

Daniel Bard hasn't exhibited great control for the Boston Red Sox to say the least in Spring Training.

Bobby Valentine has noticed, and is starting to get concerned about the man many feel has serious potential as a nice piece in the rotation. The manager expressed his thoughts about whether or not this is just a Spring issue, according to Alex Speier of

"That’s exactly what I’m looking at, though, or wondering. I don’t think that even with his good stuff I could handle the walks," said Valentine. "Now I don’t know if they’re spring and trying to impress. That’s why I looked for the changeup. If there’s a pitch that he wasn’t comfortable with and that was causing some of these negative counts, I would have been able to use that as an excuse. I don’t know. It’s hard. This isn’t an exact science and I don’t proclaim to have the exact answer or the right answer in this short sampling. It’s tough. We’ll figure it out."

Boston is really counting on Bard to deliver the goods in a division where a few bad starts can mean the difference between first and potentially fourth place.

Valentine did go on to say he still feels good about Bard's overall performance.

"All in all, I thought he threw the ball well. He didn’t get the great results in the [second] inning and [83] pitches in five innings is probably too many," said Valentine. "It’s another five innings that on a normal day with our offense isn’t giving us that bad a chance. When he left the game, I would think we were still in it, totally. I like the fact he was able to make the adjustment. Seemed the wind up wasn’t quite as crisp as the stretch, even though they got the hits out of the stretch too. We’ll see."

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