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Red Sox Spring Training 2012: Derek Jeter Shrugs Off Valentine's Comments

In saying that Derek Jeter's infamous "flip" play was a result of the shortstop being out of position, Bobby Valentine stirred the pot nicely.

In response to Valentine's remarks, Jeter took a predictable approach, according to

"I don’t think anything," Jeter said, according to reports from the assembled media. "I really don’t. I have no thoughts whatsoever. Who cares? Why are we talking about this? They must be bored over there, huh? I don’t understand."

Jeter does bring up a valid point. Why bring up a play that didn't involve Valentine and which occurred over a decade ago? Considering Bobby V's history, it's probably nothing more than an attempt to get under his rival's skin.

Jeter did seem a bit miffed in his response to whether or not the Yankees do practice that type of situation.

"Think about it. We don’t practice it? We do," he said. "You guys see it. What else can I say? I was out of position? I was where I was supposed to be."

Nothing like a little Spring Training feud to get the Red Sox and Yankees rivalry off a nice foot for 2012.

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