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Jacoby Ellsbury Says Long-Term Deal With Red Sox Is Possible

Boston Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury says that he is interested in the idea of staying with the Red Sox for a long-term deal.

"There's always that possibility. I kind of leave that up to my agent. I was just happy we could get everything worked out this year. As far as future contracts and stuff like that, I let them take care of that and inform me if there's a decision to be made," said Ellsbury. "I love playing here. It's a great place to play. I love the fans," said Ellsbur. "It's a great place to play. It's the only place I know. I enjoy playing in that pressure environment." (via WEEI)

Ellsbury and the team did not go to arbitration this offseason and instead settled on a one-year deal for $8.05 million. Ellsbury says he will depend on his agent Scott Boras to determine if he will be with Boston long-term, but his statements about enjoying playing for Boston could also play a role in his future.

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