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Mike Aviles Twitter Trade Hoax

In the new era that we live in, we are all basing our beliefs on what we hear off the internet, rather than straight from the source's mouth. Sometimes the reports are accurate, sometimes not. We got an example on Saturday of when they are not.

A twitter account that was thought to have been Red Sox shortstop Mike Aviles' posted a tweet that said he had been traded to the Tampa Bay Rays. This from the account, @MikeAviles3:

"Its been a great journey down here in #Beantown my agent just confirmed I'm heading to Tampa to play with the Rays. Miss you #Soxnation."

Funny enough, Mike Aviles, the real Mike Aviles that is, doesn't even have a Twitter account. As anyone else would have been, he was a little surprised when he heard that he had been traded to the Rays.

"That's not me," he said of the Twitter account. "No, I haven't been traded."

"I don't have a Twitter account," he said. "My agent is looking into starting one, but right now I don't have one."

(via WEEI)

The faulty Aviles Twitter had not been verified as his own, but it had over 2,800 followers including former Red Sox outfielder Josh Reddick and current outfielder Ryan Sweeney. The account has since been deleted.

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