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Bobby Valentine Weighs In On Red Sox Pitchers

With Spring Training nearly in full swing down in Fort Myers, Florida, new Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine is now getting the opportunity to really see his team on the field and evaluate the role each player may play on the team for the upcoming season.

One subject that has really been a topic of discussion this Spring Training has been the starting rotation, which remains even more and limbo with news that Roy Oswalt will not be coming to the Red Sox anytime soon. On Thursday, Bobby V had a chance to give some thoughts on what he's seen so far out of various Sox pitchers.

On Jon Lester: "Had really nice downward plane. He was keeping the ball down and had good control."

On Daniel Bard: "Showed that changeup a few times and his breaking ball a few times. He had his two-seamer going well. He looked healthy and was throwing the ball very nicely."

On Alfredo Aceves: "Was in complete control of most of his pitches, enjoying his stuff as he went out."

On Andrew Bailey: "Seeing Andrew Bailey for the first time in the middle of the diamond in a Red Sox uniform was great to see. I thought his curveball and his cutters were good. He is right where he wants to be this time of spring.

On Daisuke Matsuzaka: "I'll probably say I was surprised," Valentine said. "I wanted to walk away, as a matter of fact. I didn't want to push it. Usually guys, they hit a [plateau] when they're coming back and they regress a little. He hasn't had any of that, yet, and I don't want to be around if and when it happens."

On Andrew Miller: "I've been a little surprised by Andrew Miller," Valentine said. "Bob McClure has approached him about some little adjustment and he's received it well, and seems to have translated in the bullpen, and we'll see how it goes from there."

All quotes courtesy of ESPN Boston