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Red Sox Spring Training Program Toughens Up Under Bobby Valentine

The Boston Red Sox are doing things a little differently in spring training this year. New manager Bobby Valentine has imposed a much stricter workout and practice regimen for his team that the one Terry Francona ran during his time at the helm.

Valentine described some unhappy mugs on players' faces in comments to the Boston Globe on Wednesday.

When I look at the program we devised, I don't think of it as tough. But it seems it's different because a lot of people are frowning. I just asked them to give (it) a few days.

We all know that no one likes change except for those who are making other people change of what that person want them to. I happen to be one of those guys who likes change because guys are doing what I want them to do. I would bet there will be 100 guys who won't really like it because it's change for them. But they'll get used to it.

Valentine has already decided to extend spring training games against Boston College and Northeastern from the usual seven innings to a full nine.

Some might argue that a more grueling spring training is exactly what the team needs after a late season collapse in 2011. Following their team's meltdown, players described a lax clubhouse in which pitchers drank beer, played video games and snarfed down fried chicken while their teammates finished games.

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