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Dustin Pedroia Says Red Sox 'Have The Talent And Mindset' To Win World Series

Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia made an appearance on The Big Show earlier today. Pedroia said his focus is on a World Series and that he has put last season's collapse behind him.

"I don't care about any of the BS that's going on, the media, all that stuff is not going to affect how I go about my job. If they ask me a question about last year I'm just going to say 'Listen, it's 2012. Go to the archives, pal.' I really don't care, my job is go out here and help this team win and that's everyone else's job, too. I'm turning the page." (via

Pedroia also said he wants to see the Red Sox leading on SportsCenter.

"I want, when I turn on SportsCenter, to see the Boston Red Sox being the first highlight," Pedroia said. "You know how they have all the championship teams when they do their [opening package]? I want to see me on one of those piles, going nuts. That's definitely my goal, to win the World Series. We have the talent and mindset to do that, so we have to just go out there and stay healthy and play the game the right way. "

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