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Truck Day 2012: Red Sox Season Begins With Fenway Park Sendoff

Truck Day is here, so in a way, the Boston Red Sox season is (unofficially) underway! Movers will load up the truck at Fenway Park with supplies before it leaves around noon on Saturday for the 1,480 mile journey to Fort Myers, Florida.

Christmas, Easter and Independence Day are all nice, but they don't have anything on Truck Day. What, you've never heard of Truck Day? It's a magical day that marks the end of winter and the unofficial beginning of the new Boston Red Sox season.

Truck Day 2012 is upon us, as movers will load up the famous moving truck with bats, baseballs and all sorts of supplies before it makes the 1,480 mile drive from Fenway Park in Boston, MA to JetBlue Park at Fort Myers, FL, the new spring training home of the Red Sox. While not official (like the 7:05 p.m. start of an actual baseball game), the truck is schedule to leave at noon EDT.

Some will say, "so what?" Well, they clearly aren't from around here. If you are a local diehard Sox fan, this is a legitimate holiday. Fans of all ages trek to Fenway Park to cheer for the Sox and send off the truck. They brave all sorts of weather -- rain, sleet, snow -- you name it. Parents have even pulled their kids out of school for the day. This is the real deal.

On an aside, how great is it that we celebrate a day like this? Fans coming out to Fenway Park, just to send off a truck with supplies (and no actual players in it) for the local nine. It warms the heart. Nowhere else do you see support like this. Nowhere.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand, our own Gethin Coolbaugh (that would be me) will be reporting live from truck day, bringing you pictures, audio, live updates and just joy in general from the jubilent scene. Follow @GethinCoolbaugh on Twitter for live updates from Fenway Park. And if you aren't too busy, make your way down. It's worth it.

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