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Red Sox President Larry Lucchino: 'We're Going To Fly By The Luxury Tax'

Boston Red Sox president and CEO Larry Lucchino isn't considered about MLB's luxury tax ($178 million threshold for 2012). About the 2012 budget, Lucchino said it "will be the highest budget in Red Sox history" (via

"I suspect you're going to see that we're going to fly by the luxury tax," Lucchino said.

The Red Sox spent $189 million on their payroll last season, but could exceed that this season. In addition, Lucchino said the resources of the team are not limited by commitments to the ownership of English Premier League club Liverpool FC. Lucchino also said he didn't understand where concerns that the Red Sox were operating conservatively where coming from.

"It's hard to understand that assertion given the level of commitment the club has made, not just for payroll, but for signing bonuses, international scouting," (via NESN)

Lucchino made the statements about the Red Sox budget limits, or rather lack thereof, at an event to celebrate a deal with airline JetBlue. Speaking of that partnership, click here to see a JetBlue plane with Boston Red Sox logos painted on it.

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