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Adrian Gonzalez To Be On Cover Of MLB 12: The Show

While I'm sure everyone is aware of the famous "Madden Curse" in which the cover athlete chosen that season suffers a decline, but the same doesn't apply to another top selling sports video game: MLB The Show.

According to a report from TSN, MLB 12: The Show announced that their cover athlete for the Canadian and American versions of the game on Tuesday. Toronto Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista will be on the cover of the Canadian version while Red Sox slugger Adrian Gonzalez will be on the American version.

For whoever made this decision, you made a pretty good choice. After being traded from the Red Sox by the San Diego Padres in the 2011 offseason, Gonzo didn't disappoint as he hit .338 with 27 HR and 117 RBI including a career high 213 hits in his first season in Boston. Gonzalez will join Dustin Pedroia as the only two Red Sox players to be featured on the cover. As to what the game will look like with him on it, here's a small preview provided by Sony:

MLB 12 The Show

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