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Tim Wakefield Hopes Red Sox Come Calling

One common theme of the MLB offseason for the Boston Red Sox has been out with the old, in with the new. How can we explain this? The Red Sox and GM Ben Cherington have chosen not to re-sign any of their current free agents. One of which, includes a pitcher who only needs six wins to tie Roger Clemons and Cy Young for the most in franchise history.

On Sunday, Red Sox free agent pitcher Tim Wakefield broke his silence and talked about the current state of his free agency in his residence in Florida. While the Red Sox don't appear willing to give the 45-year old a call, he is still hoping that he gets one more year with the Red Sox.

"I just saw that [Yankees catcher Jorge Posada] retired, you know it's something that my wife and I need to talk about," told the paper last week. "I'd probably need to talk about it with my kids, too. Ultimately, I would like to obviously play for the Boston Red Sox for one more year and see where it goes." (via Florida Today)

Last season for the Sox, Wakefield struggled mightily in between the rotation and the bullpen as he was 7-8 with a 5.12 ERA in 154.2 innings logged for Boston. Wakefield did reach the 200 wins milestone last season, but it was a rather forgetful season otherwise. For a man that has been with the organization since 1995, he still believes he has a place on the 2012 team.

"There have been a number of clubs who have called, who have an interest in signing me but I'm kind of just weighing my options right now," he said, obviously waiting and hoping that Boston will make an offer. "I think I can be a valuable asset to them as an insurance policy, you know a fifth or sixth starter or if something doesn't pan out for some of the guys they have already penciled in to the rotation. You know that's kind of been my job these last two years; I don't have a problem doing that." (via Florida Today)