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Valentine On Beer-Gate: 'Inexcusable'

New Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine knows how the Sox collapsed last season in flames of beer and fried chicken, and vowed Friday that Boston will not consume those substances in the clubhouse during games as long as he is manager.

Castiglione asked Valentine about the rumors last year's Red Sox clubhouse featured days when some players watched games on TV while drinking beer and eating fried chicken.

"We've got to go to draft beer and grilled chicken, I think," Valentine said with a laugh, before offering an apology. "... If that happened it's inexcusable. I apologize for that. The apologies are out there and it will never happen on my watch." (via The Day)

Valentine called Red Sox fans the best fans in the world and complimented Carl Crawford for playing in pain this past season. Crawford underwent surgery earlier this week to repair damaged cartilage in his left wrist after experiencing discomfort during his offseason workout regimen.

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