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Red Sox 0, Blue Jays 5, End 4: Going Through The Motions

The Blue Jays have added a run in the third inning, and now lead the Sox by a score of 5-0 after four innings.

If the lead seems untouchable, it’s because Ricky Romero has been just that since the first inning, allowing just a pair of walks since giving up a leadoff double to start the first.

The same cannot be said for Andrew Miller. While the last pair of frames haven’t been nearly so disastrous for the left-hander, a homer to Edwin Encarnacion made it 5-0 in the third, and the Jays added another pair of runners in the fourth, though neither would score.

At the moment, the Sox just seem to be going through the motions en route to what would be their seventh loss in ten games. Not much fun to be had here.