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Red Sox 8, Blue Jay 6, End 7: Sox Hand 2-Run Lead Off To Back End Of Pen

Tim Wakefield is in line for his 200th win, and now all that separates him from that elusive milestone is a pair of strong outings from Daniel Bard.

That shouldn’t be too much to ask.

The Sox managed to work their way through the middle innings with the help of Dan Wheeler, who cleaned up Franklin Morales’ sixth-inning mess and provided the first two outs of the seventh before he gave up the sixth run of the night for the Blue Jays. This prompted Terry Francona to go get Daniel Bard a bit early, and the move has so far paid off, with the Boston setup man requiring just three pitches to induce an inning-ending groundout.

Six outs to go, and we can put this long baseball nightmare behind us.