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Red Sox 0, Blue Jays 0, End 8: Something's Gotta Give

Two became four, four became six, and now six has become eight. Eight scoreless innings in Toronto with plenty of chances gone by the wayside.

In each of the last two innings, the Red Sox have had a chance to score with two men on. Each time, they failed. The seventh inning saw Marco Scutaro ground out weakly to end the threat, while in the eighth Kevin Youkilis took a called strike on the inside corner to let the Jays escape unharmed.

The Jays have had their own missed opportunity, as Alfredo Aceves walked a batter and hit the next one with a pitch to put two men on with just one out in the eighth. Daniel Bard came in as Jose Bautista stepped to the plate, induced a weak fly ball with his first pitch for the big out, and then struck out Adam Lind with just four more tosses, finishing the job with a nasty slider.

We head to the ninth…