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Josh Beckett Has Sprained Right Ankle

The injury that forced Josh Beckett from Monday’s game against the Blue Jays has been diagnosed as a sprained right ankle according to the team.

The outcome isn’t positive, but it’s far from the worst case scenario. Beckett didn’t look too bad when he left the game, walking off the field under his own power, leaving the impression that it’s not too serious of a sprain. Either way, it’s not the sort of structural issue that could cost Beckett his playoff run, and that’s largely all that matters.

As it was, Terry Francona had already been looking to get Beckett some extra rest between starts. A missed game or two between now and the end of the season should do more than enough in that department. With Kyle Weiland already set to take Erik Bedard’s next start, it seems like Tim Wakefield or Andrew Miller could effectively fill his starts for a week or two.

Alfredo Aceves has come into the game in relief of Beckett and recorded 5 strong outs since, including three strikeouts in the fifth inning.