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Theo Epstein, Red Sox To Take 'Some Time To Process' Terry Francona

Theo Epstein, general manager of the Boston Red Sox, released a statement on Friday afternoon regarding the team's manager, Terry Francona, who will reportedly leave the team after reports surfaced that the team declined his option.

Despite rumors flying around Francona's job certainty, Epstein declined to comment on it.

"John Henry, Tom Werner, Larry Lucchino, Ben Cherington and I met with Terry Francona this morning at Fenway Park to exchange thoughts and information on the 2011 season and discuss areas for improvement going forward. We all plan on taking some time to process the thoughts expressed in the meeting. There are no immediate plans for an announcement." (via

Reports earlier in the day indicated that Francona was essentially pushed out the door by team principal owner John Henry, who informed Francona that the club would not be bringing him back. The meeting between Francona, Epstein, Henry, Lucchino and Cherrington reportedly began at 10 a.m. on Friday.

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