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David Ortiz Is A Self-Labeled 'Beast'

David Ortiz is a beast, plain and simple. At least, that's been his assessment of his performance in the 2011 season for the Boston Red Sox, a campaign in which he has hit. 311 with 28 home runs and 88 RBI through 122 games.

"I'm not going to stay 20 my whole life. If you're good at what you do, it doesn't matter how old you get. You're good," said Ortiz. "Most of the people who say that, if they played baseball, their career was average, so they struggled.

"Dude, I'm a strong human being. I'm a beast. I'm strong as hell. I know how to stay strong. That's why, at my age, you see me doing what I'm still doing. Somebody told me, ‘Guys, when they get to your age, there's no way they can hit 30 homers.' Really? We'll see. We'll see." (via WEEI)

It's hard to argue with Ortiz, who has carried the Red Sox with his bat for years now (and through two World Series winning seasons). The question is, how long can he keep it up? Hopefully, Big Papi can keep firing on all cylinders through the end of the season at the very least, long enough to bring Boston a third World Series title since 2004.

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