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Curt Schilling: Red Sox Shouldn't Fire Tito

Curt Schilling became the biggest advocate for the Boston Red Sox in September. Unfortunately, his comments didn't put the Sox in a good light, saying that his former team would not make the playoffs. In the end, he was right.

Now, Schilling is speaking out again, but in defense of his former manager, Terry Francona. Despite everything that went wrong this season and in the dreadful month of September, Schilling doesn't think Francona should be fired.

"I guarantee you he did as much as a manager can do there," Schilling said. "You're going to have the same team next year. I promise you, for whatever it's worth, there's not a guy in that clubhouse that doesn't swear by this guy, doesn't want to do everything he can do to win for this guy. You're not going to get them to play harder, more passionate, more fiercely for anybody other than the guy that's managing g right now. He's a guy that's always gotten the most out of his players that want to win. ... a managerial change is not going to fix this club." (via WEEI)

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